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Our students are innovative, resourceful and persuasive. After spending a year crafting a business plan, BUILD students sell their creative products in school and at community events. You won't find their products online or in stores—yet (but don't worry, our imaginative young entrepreneurs are working on that). So come out to BUILD's selling events and choose from organic shoe cleaner, jewelry made of Legos, or embroidered laptop bags, among hundreds of other student products. We know you'll find something you love.

Need convincing? Watch our students' commercials.

Fantastic Five

The Fantastic 5 sells sweet sushi: a fun, creative treat in the form of sushi. Sushi is made from candy such as rice crispy treats, glow worms and fruit roll-ups. This team consistently sells out at BUILD events, so we suggest you buy early.


Babay makes handmade tissue flowers that add beauty to pens and pencils. The flowers are available in a variety of colors and come attached to a green pen or pencil. For extra flare, add the flower to your hair!

Diamond Delights

Diamond Delights sells chocolate candy bars with customized wrappers. The chocolate bars are perfect as party favors or personalized gifts. Forget Ghirardelli's. Choose Diamond Delights.


Luminescence doesn't just sell t-shirts—they seek to raise awareness of today's world issues by designing printed t-shirts that inspire and motivate youth to change. Can your v-neck do that? We didn't think so.

E1-Alumni Program
(Why it works)

Entrepreneurs 1 (E1) – Freshmen:
Planning a Business

Entrepreneurs 1 (E1) - Freshmen: Planning a Business

Entrepreneurs 2 (E2) – Sophomore:
Running a Business

Entrepreneurs 2 (E2) - Sophomore: Running a Business

Entrepreneurs 3 (E3) – Junior:
Preparing for College

Entrepreneurs 3 (E3) - Junior: Preparing for College

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