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Our youth deserve a chance to dream big. Your contribution allows hundreds of teenagers who once considered dropping out to be CEO of their own business, graduate from high school and attend college.  


As a BUILD supporter, you will be making a valuable contribution to a proven and growing education program that has to date graduated 99% of its seniors and watched as 95% of them were accepted to college.

BUILD has opportunities for anyone interested in advancing our mission, helping our students and supporting our efforts. Here are our favorite 10 ways that you, your friends, your colleagues, your relatives and your neighbors can join us in propelling disadvantaged and disengaged high school students through high school to college success.

1. Donate through our website.

2. Flush with stock? Give some to BUILD. Contact Chrystine Villarreal to learn how.

3. Develop an official corporate partnership with BUILD - talk to your boss or community relations department to get the ball rolling.

4. Host our CEO, Suzanne McKechnie Klahr, a nationally recognized expert on social entrepreneurship, and a generally awesome speaker. 

5. Volunteer with BUILD. Once a week or once a year, we need you (and we will love you).

6. Organize a party to benefit BUILD.

7. Watch the BUILD "Big Idea" video and share it with everyone who also has big ideas.

8. Stay connected - follow up on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn.

9. Like us? Spread the word about

10. Join the BUILD family in propelling hundreds of young people through high school to college success. Check out our job openings!

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Download the mentor application and apply for the 2014-2015 academic year.


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