Strategic Plan

BUILD will enhance the education of students by leveraging our expertise in entrepreneurship and experiential learning to decrease drop-out rates and increase student engagement and learning, leading more students to finish high school prepared for future success.

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Phase One

BUILDing for the Future

  • Increase organizational capacity to support national expansion
  • Refine and launch enhanced programmatic model
  • Expand to five regions serving students
  • Serve 3,000 students annually
  • Complete $10M National Growth Campaign
  • Increase annual budget to $20M

Phase Two

BUILDing a Movement

  • Serve all regions with direct service model
  • Grow all regions to serve more than 15,000 students annually with the direct service model
  • Expand licensed partnerships
  • Publish findings of programmatic impact in order to inform the discussion of experiential education
  • Partner with school districts and schools of education to facilitate wider adoption of our pedagogical approach in order to improve the education of students all across the country
  • Grow annual budget to $50M+ at scale