Brian Cohen

Position: Founder & President Good Cause Communications;Founding Partner, New York Venture Partners;

As an angel investor and mentor to entrepreneurs, Brian served as Chairman of the New York Angels for nearly a decade. As one of the most active angel groups in the world, they have invested nearly $200 million in over 300 startups. Notably, Brian was the first investor in Pinterest and numerous other industry leading startups.​

Brian is the author of “What Every Angel Investor Wants You To Know: An Insider Reveals How To Get Smart Funding For Your Billion Dollar Idea” published by McGraw Hill. He continues to guest lecture at Columbia and NYU. He has spoken in dozens of countries helping create and build their angel investor ecosystems.​

As a technology media strategist, Brian is considered one of the fathers of science & technology strategic communications and founded Technology Solutions, Inc. (TSI) with his wife in 1983. Notably, TSI received the Gold CIPRA Award in 1998 for the IBM Deep Blue/Gary Kasparov Chess Match Concept and Communications Program. TSI was recognized as the #1 fastest growing agency in the United States. Brian sold the company to The McCann Erickson World Group in 1997. Brian was the publisher of the first computing publications including Computer Systems News and InformationWeek Magazine. As a recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus Award, Brian holds a Masters Degree in Science Communications from Boston University’s School of Public Communications.​

He has been on numerous Boards, including People For the American Way, The World Frontiers Forum and BUILD.org. His current interest is to launch Good Cause Communications, The very first 501C3 strategic marketing/PR agency providing almost free services to struggling nonprofits.


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