Niko Martinez

Position: College and Career Readiness Program Manager
Top: 10

Niko Martinez is the College and Career Readiness Program Manager for BUILD Oakland, serving our E3 students, preparing them through social entrepreneurship, college and career exploration experiences. At UC Berkeley, Niko studied Public Health and Asian American Studies, immersing himself in community organizing for the Filipinx Community, both on and off-campus. As an advocate for post-secondary education, Niko worked to share educational resources and mentorship to youth in and around the Bay Area.

“I am inspired to work at BUILD because personal background growing up in the Bay Area, and studying public health as my coursework; I believe that furthering one’s education is a possible way to affect positive health outcomes, both at the individual level, and ultimately, for their families. I am honored to work and learn by the side of such brilliant youth, who share such amazing stories around their personal experiences. Each day, I’m deeply humbled and filled with gratitude to experience greatness alongside our students.”


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