Entrepreneurship is the hook. College and career success is the goal.

BUILD is an entrepreneurship program for underserved high school students that teaches them how to build their own business while becoming the CEO of their own lives.

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We connect our young entrepreneurs to a network of volunteer mentors from the business world who light a path along the way, creating access and opportunity.

Every year in America, there are half a million, brilliant kids dropping out of high school.

Entrepreneurship means opportunity – for the students BUILD serves and for all of us through a more diverse, equitable and interconnected community.

Corporate Partners
BUILD Boston Introduces Trish Walker as New Board Chair
BUILD Boston Introduces Trish Walker as New Board ChairDecember 22, 2021We are thrilled to announce that Trish Walker has stepped up into the role of Board Chair for BUILD Boston’s Advisory Board after 2 years as an active member of the Board.Read More
Meet the Fastest-Growing Demographic of Entrepreneurs!
Meet the Fastest-Growing Demographic of Entrepreneurs!November 23, 2021Now, more than ever, is the time to make history and redefine what it means to be an Entrepreneur. According to Hubspot, approximately 26% of Black Americans identify as Entrepreneurs—that […]Read More
BUILD’S GIVING TUESDAY 2021 CAMPAIGNNovember 16, 2021November is National Entrepreneurship Month! BUILD envisions a world where every student, in every public high school across America, is learning to think and act like an entrepreneur. BUILDing Gen […]Read More

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