Rashaida Melvin

Position: Satellite Program Director

Rashaida is a lifelong educator who enjoys providing life changing opportunities to students and coaching and supporting teachers. As BUILD’s first Satellite Program Director, Rashaida supports partner schools and organizations across the country implement the BUILD experience with their students. Her support ranges from curriculum development to student event support. Rashaida’s goal is to support teachers and students as BUILD expands across the country.

Rashaida is excited to join the BUILD team so that she can combine her love for coaching teachers with entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur herself, Rashaida has learned how to run and manage her own businesses through trial and error. She recognizes the value that BUILD provides as we teach students the skills early on that allow them to thrive as young entrepreneurs, ready to be successful young adults in the 21st Century. Rashaida finds value in knowing that her work with BUILD provides new opportunities for students that look like her, opportunities that students of color deserve to receive, but often are denied simply due to the color of their skin or where they live.

Rashaida comes to BUILD after serving as a school leader, leading a team of instructional coaches, and teaching in the classroom. Every day Rashaida strives to provide positive opportunities for students so that they may dream big, aim high, and shatter glass ceilings.

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