BUILD NYC End of Year Recap

This holiday season, please consider supporting BUILD entrepreneurs as they develop the skills and confidence to build bright futures for themselves.

Jaquan is a student at High School for Innovation in Advertising and Media in Canarsie, Brooklyn.  He is excited about being an entrepreneur because he can solve problems in his community and help people in need.  Listen to Jaquan describe why he BUILDs:

Please join us in empowering more youth like Jaquan to become the CEOs of their own lives. Make a contribution today!

BUILD Launches Its First Hackathon!

On November 29th, students from the High School for Innovation in Advertising and Media and the High School of World Cultures came together for BUILD’s first ever Hackathon! In just one day, our young entrepreneurs worked through the phases of Human Centered Design — empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, and pitch — to create innovative products, services, and campaigns. The day culminated with a Pitch Competition. A panel of judges had the difficult task of selecting the top three business teams out of ten. Witnessing students present their creative ideas with confidence and clarity was nothing short of spectacular! 

Words seem inadequate to capture the power and magic of the day, but BUILD staffers Kenya George and Decota Letman said it best:


“Today my WHY is taking on a life of its own. It is such a joy to watch our students’ creativity and innovation be supported in such big ways.” — Kenya George, Interim Co-Regional Executive Director and Program Director


“Three years ago I joined a tribe that would change the trajectory of my career in more ways than I could ever imagine. is not only a non-profit but a movement committed to serving underserved youth in the very communities I myself roamed as a teen from the South Bronx all the way to Canarsie, Brooklyn.”

Our kids are the future of tomorrow, literally and sometimes it takes a bit of reaffirming, uplifting, and opportunity for them to recognize the superpowers they innately possess.” — Decota Letman, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Thanks to board member Scorpio Rogers and Mercy College for hosting the Hackathon and to board members and professionals from Sumitomo Bank for serving as coaches and judges.

Thank you Wells Fargo for your continued support!

BUILD NYC was thrilled to receive a $25,000 grant from Wells Fargo. “Wells Fargo has been a phenomenal partner since 2017” stated Co-Executive Director Kenya George. “Not only has the Bank been a consistent and generous funder, but its employees have supported our student entrepreneurs as judges at numerous student competitions.” Wells Fargo is committed to building a more inclusive, sustainable future for all, and BUILD is honored to be one of the nonprofits it supports.

BUILD NYC is bringing Entrepreneurship Education

to District 18 in 2023!

The new year is almost here and we are excited to announce that BUILD NYC is coming to District 18! In 2023, BUILD NYC will bring our BUILD Your Business program to eighth graders at middle schools across East Flatbush and Canarsie, Brooklyn — including The Meyer Levin School of Performing ArtsThe Science and Medicine Middle SchoolThe Middle School of Media, Law and Fine Arts, and The John Wilson Middle School. Students will explore what it means to be an entrepreneur by working collaboratively in small teams to develop an original product idea that creates a solution for real-word problems. We are looking forward to working with this new district and empowering more students!

It has been an incredible year at BUILD NYC!

As 2022 draws to a close, BUILD has much to be thankful for…..


our students who harnessed their power and potential to learn, grow and achieve more than they ever thought possible,

our teachers who inspired, motivated, and championed our youth in moments of doubt and uncertainty,

our mentors and volunteers who gave their time, expertise, and energy to guide students through the entrepreneurial process and ensure they had support every step of the way,

our partners who opened their doors to our students, welcomed them into their networks, and provided transformative work-based learning experiences, 

our staff who worked diligently each and every day to guarantee the 700+ students served this year developed the skills and connections needed to achieve, and 

our community of donors whose ongoing support, dedication, and investment made it all possible.

Every member of our beautiful community is crucial to our continued success and we can’t wait for what’s next!


Want to get more involved in the new year? Contact:
  • Pamela Minetti, Interim Co-Regional Executive Director and Director of Philanthropy at
  • Kenya George, Interim Co-Regional Executive Director and Program Director at
  • Decota Letman, Director of Strategic Partnerships at

Thank you to our school partners!


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1. iPhone, iPad, Zoom and Loom are all choices of recording tools for their video presentation 
2. Record with both students and their presentation in view
3. Record horizontally for the best view of the students and their presentation
4. Follow Presentation Diagram to the Right


- Make eye contact with the camera
- Notecards may be used as cue cards
•Pro Tip: Notecards should avoid having a full script
- Even when you are not speaking, don’t forget the camera is still recording!
•Be aware of your body language while you and your business partners are speaking
- Everyone has an opportunity to speak
- Professional dress is encouraged
- Practice makes perfect
•Practice how you will transition from each speaker
•Project your voice when you speak​

Follow positioning format Above

Download a Sample of Our Curriculum

Fill out this form to receive a free sample of our curriculum and to receive occasional email updates on how to bring BUILD to your community.