Metro DC - Oct 15, 2015

Venture Capitalists Invest in Student Businesses

Last week sophomore students presented to their venture capital advisors kicking off a year-long relationship where advisors will guide students in growing their business and students will learn what it is to be fiscally and professionally accountable.

Across four schools, eleven volunteer Venture Capitalist Advisors met with our sophomore business teams. Teams had five minutes to take the advisors through their pitch and  then were asked clarifying questions, such as: “Have you thought about how you may be able to produce your product for even less?” Advisors also provided guidance such as how a team could improve their marketing plan and increase the value proposition for their customers.

This was not only a big day for the student business teams, but for their mentors as well.  With final seed funding on the line, mentors went over last-minute tips: “Remember not to play with  your hair if you get nervous,” and talking points- “59% profit. Say that, too, because it’s important to investors.”

With thousands of dollars already invested, one more school does their final pitch to their Venture Capital Advisors this week!

For more information about how you can become a venture capital advisor for BUILD Metro DC, contact our Civic Engagement Associate,  Anna Susko


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