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BUILD’s mission is to use entrepreneurship to ignite the potential of youth from under resourced communities and propel them to high school, college and career success. We teach students how to build a business and become the CEO of their own lives. Students grow in six core social emotional skills while working together in small groups to generate ideas, pitch for funding, and eventually launch a product offering. Our ultimate goal is to promote social equity and create a more diverse workforce for the future.

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What is BUILD?
  • Engaging Elective For Any Year of Grades 8-12
  • Student Run Businesses
  • Pitch Competitions & Sales Events
  • Corporate Field Trips
  • Growth Mindset & Spark Skills
  • Enriching Experience Between Teacher & Student
Partner Benefits
  • Interactive Curriculum Package: Proven Over 20 Years
  • Teacher Training & Support All Year Long
  • Classroom Engagement Material
  • Corporate & Entrepreneurial Support From Your Community
  • Access To Social-Emotional Evaluation Tools
  • All About Entrepreneurship & Experiential Learning
  • Building 21st Century Social & Emotional Skills
  • Project Based Learning
  • Students Become the CEO of their Own Lives
  • Enhanced Self Confidence, Self-Esteem & Public Speaking
  • Promotes Social Equity

Partnerships at BUILD

BUILD brings together a strong and supportive ecosystem to support our partner schools including: Educators, Parents, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, and Community and Youth Advocates – all focused on keeping students at the center. Together the community will unite and collaborate with BUILD staff and teachers.

BUILD Teachers

“BUILD’s main strength is providing a space within the school where students work on “real life” skills while working in an environment that is conducive to next level thinking.”

BUILD Students

“Before BUILD, I skipped class and my grades were horrible. I now get As and Bs. I am the CFO of my own business. I want to study math in college, and I want to be a banker. Thanks to BUILD, my dreams are now goals.”

BUILD Community

“The most rewarding part of the BUILD experience was seeing the growth of the students in self-confidence, teamwork, and ability to engage with potential customers”

What do I need to get started?

  • Dedicated teacher, whom BUILD will support
  • Dedicated classroom or lab space that allows for flexible, small group seating
  • Ability for students to sell products on school premises
  • Small budget for transportation to off-site events
  • Small budget for classroom materials
  • A two to four-year financial commitment

Download a Sample of BUILD's Curriculum