April 24, 2014

Youth Entrepreneurs Exhibit Products and Meet the Governor at MassChallenge Entrepalooza ‘14

Last night, BUILD Boston high-school entrepreneurs and staff members teamed up to exhibit at the 2nd annual MassChallenge Entrepalooza ‘14 event at District Hall.  Three of BUILD’s student business owners […]
April 3, 2014

Fashioning a culture of giving

Boston Startup models Couture for a Cause, collaborates with BUILD Fashion Project, a Boston­- based start­up, truly lives their slogan, “Fashion as a Force for Good”. For them, it’s a […]
March 31, 2014


BUILD Boston recently received a $5,000 grant from the BJ’s Charitable Foundation.  BUILD will use the grant provide food and supplies for the Boston high school students in our after-school […]
March 18, 2014

Will You Be Replaced by a Robot? (And Other Important Questions)

Google is buying all the robots. Amazon wants mini­-drones to deliver goods to our doorsteps. Most wondrous of all, robots are now collaborating with each other via their very own […]
February 27, 2014

(Showcase #1) From Here to Success: BUILD’s Future Entrepreneurs Make Their First Business Plan Presentations

As adolescents we all believe that our personal struggles are unique, and no one else can possibly understand what we are going through. Although it may be true in terms […]
February 12, 2014

High school entrepreneurs get motivation from BUILD and MassChallenge

Students from four Boston high schools are finding the motivation to work hard in school through an entrepreneurship program offered by BUILD Greater Boston. BUILD’s most recent event, in partnership […]
August 1, 2013

BUILD 1st Annual Entrepreneurs Olympics

Dust off your sneakers and bust out the jumping jacks, because BUILD Boston is preparing for its first annual Entrepreneurs Olympics this Thursday, August 1! The Entrepreneurs Olympics is hosted […]
July 15, 2013

E2 Teams Attend Launch Camp

On Tuesday, July 2, rising 10th graders in BUILD attended “Launch Camp.” Launch Camp is a BUILD tradition that prepares students for their transition into the BUILD Youth Business Incubator […]
April 16, 2013

Students Honored at the first BUILD Step-Up Ceremony

Last week, BUILD hosted its first Step-Up Ceremony at the Suffolk University Entrepreneurship Center in downtown Boston. This ceremony was meant to demonstrate to the sophomore students the importance of […]



1. iPhone, iPad, Zoom and Loom are all choices of recording tools for their video presentation 
2. Record with both students and their presentation in view
3. Record horizontally for the best view of the students and their presentation
4. Follow Presentation Diagram to the Right


- Make eye contact with the camera
- Notecards may be used as cue cards
•Pro Tip: Notecards should avoid having a full script
- Even when you are not speaking, don’t forget the camera is still recording!
•Be aware of your body language while you and your business partners are speaking
- Everyone has an opportunity to speak
- Professional dress is encouraged
- Practice makes perfect
•Practice how you will transition from each speaker
•Project your voice when you speak​

Follow positioning format Above

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