November 7, 2022

It’s Not How You Start

How One Innovative Non-Profit Ignited This Millennial Entrepreneur’s Life Buy Tony’s Book Today! Today, Tony Shavers III is an award winning self-published author, entrepreneur, and fundraising professional. From the outside […]
November 2, 2022

National Entrepreneurship Month

This November, we are celebrating entrepreneurs, change-makers, and leaders. We welcome you to join us this National Entrepreneurship Month to support our students. Last year, we had over 58 individual […]
October 31, 2022

Free Teacher Resources for Fall Magic

The semester is in full swing and we know how difficult it can be to grab your class’s attention. As a BUILD teacher, you can not only teach your students to […]
October 14, 2022

Being Latino at a Predominantly White Institution | Diversity & Social Action, Article #3

This Blog Post is from BUILD Alumni, Hamid Cruz Born and raised in the Bronx, I was always surrounded by other students of similar backgrounds to mine. Low-income areas of […]
October 13, 2022

National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual celebration of the history and culture of the U.S. Latinx and Hispanic communities. The event commemorates how those communities have influenced and contributed […]
October 12, 2022

Richard King Mellon Foundation Annual Report, Featuring BUILD!

Our wonderful Richard King Mellon Foundation friends have released their 2021 Annual Report! With their support, BUILD is able to bring entrepreneurship education to students and teachers in the Greater […]
October 3, 2022

BUILD, Comcast and DonorsChoose Come Together to Offer Innovative Entrepreneurship Education and Classroom Funding for Under-resourced High School Students 

Comcast NBCUniversal Connects and Supports Two Educational Non-profits To Teach Students Real-World Skills for Career Success Enter the Challenge Redwood City, CA, October 3rd, 2022 — Through Comcast NBCUniversal’s support, […]
September 23, 2022

Tune into iHeart Philadelphia Community Podcast | Innovation League Feature on 9/25

Coded by Kids is creating opportunities for underrepresented young people to become tech and innovation leaders by providing education, resources and support. I chat with CEO Danae Mobley about the program and registration for the upcoming Innovation League.
September 23, 2022

A New Program is Encouraging Philly Teens to Become Technologists Through Sports

Article by The Plug: A New Program is Encouraging Philly Teens to Become Technologists Through Sports. Written by Alesia Bani.



1. iPhone, iPad, Zoom and Loom are all choices of recording tools for their video presentation 
2. Record with both students and their presentation in view
3. Record horizontally for the best view of the students and their presentation
4. Follow Presentation Diagram to the Right


- Make eye contact with the camera
- Notecards may be used as cue cards
•Pro Tip: Notecards should avoid having a full script
- Even when you are not speaking, don’t forget the camera is still recording!
•Be aware of your body language while you and your business partners are speaking
- Everyone has an opportunity to speak
- Professional dress is encouraged
- Practice makes perfect
•Practice how you will transition from each speaker
•Project your voice when you speak​

Follow positioning format Above

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